Currently FIT Together offers three group exercise classes


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Functional Strength Training Class

The functional strength training class consists of upper and lower body strength exercises using one’s body weight and/or dumbbells to perform the exercises. These exercises focus on functional movement patterns important for everyday activities so that your day-to-day and recreational pursuits are easier and more enjoyable. The exercises can be adapted to a person’s physical abilities, so people who have never done resistance exercise or who have some experience are fine to join.

Classes are currently offered at OHSU School of Nursing room 134 at the following times:

Tuesday/Thursday 8:30am-9:30am

Tuesday/Thursday 9:35am-10:35am

See below for registration details.

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Tai Chi Class

The tai chi class consists primarily of 8 purposeful movement forms, developed from the 24-form Yang-style tai chi. The goal of the class is to assist participants in retaining and improving their stability during standing and while moving or encountering challenges that increase the risk of a fall [i.e., a trip, slip or stumble]. These changes also improve day to day functioning. Tai chi is modestly physically demanding so it is a good program for those who are beginning exercise for the first time or who have movement limitations.

There are currently no class offerings but stay tuned!

Yoga Class

The yoga class consists of whole body flexibility (stretching) exercises aimed at improving range of motion in all joints and muscles which can be especially beneficial when needing to work through scar tissue from surgery.   Exercises are performed seated, standing and on the floor however all exercises can be fully adapted to the chair.  This is a great class for those who are new to yoga but also has the ability to challenge those who are more experienced with yoga.

Classes are currently offered at OHSU School of Nursing room 134 at the following times:

Tuesday/Thursday 10:40am-11:40am

Monday/Wednesday/Friday 9:00am-10:00am

See below for registration details.


To register for classes online, please refer to the class list located on the right side bar

To register for classes via mail, please print and mail the following form:

Class Registration Form

If you are new to the FITT classes, we will also need the following forms filled out and mailed:

Liability Release Form

Physician Clearance Form_Strength

Physician Clearance Form_Yoga

Health History Questionnaire

The current session for these classes is 1/6/20- 3/31/20.

If the class session has already started please call Jessica Sitemba (503-348-0736) about pro-rating the cost.  You are welcome to join at any time!